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“Today, every new car in the world carries on an average of 13 Melexis chips.” This is what Melexis CEO states, a leader company in the automotive semiconductor sensors who creates chips for electronic vehicles.

Melexis devices have different programming protocols, MUST/MICE, Melexis’ proprietary protocol, if available, is the one that offers the main advantages in terms of programming times.
The peculiarity of this protocol is that the access of the internal registers and the memory occurs by sending some digital patterns supplied by Melexis. The programming algorithm implemented by Algocraft uses the PTVC files that Melexis makes available to its third parties. In this way the programming specifications are respected.
The strength points of WriteNow! solutions are:
- the possibility of having a parallel programming up to 8 boards (expandable up to 32 channels with demultiplexer modules)
- the ease of use
-the setting of the system
12V (VS) + 3V3
WriteNow! programmer is able to generate both the VS tension (12V) for the IC, and the 3V3 for the MUST/MICE signals.
The typical programming times for a 32KB of FLASH are lower than 4s, compared to the 100s of a standard LIN protocol.