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05/02/2013 — WriteNow! programmer expands its device list by adding Freescale ColdFire V1 MCF51AG128 and MCF51AG96 devices.

The ColdFire V1 core is the missing link in Freescale's Controller Continuum, the industry's first 8/32-bit compatible architecture. Embedded controllers, utilizing the V1 core, will share common peripherals and development tools of S08 8-bit architecture, providing pin-to-pin compatibility for easier migration to 32-bit performance.

The ColdFire V1 core utilizes the single-pin Background Debug Module (BDM) for a full compatibility with family driver S08. WriteNow! uses BDM protocol as programming interface. The BDM protocol uses only two lines: the RESET and the BKGD pin as a single-wire bi-directional communication line.

Algocraft provides support of Freescale ColdFire V1 to all of its WriteNow! Series, single and parallel in-system programmers. Four models are available: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device at a time), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel).

Thanks to the optimized WriteNow! architecture, the typical programming time for MCF51AG128 device (128KB Flash memory) is 11,5 seconds (erase + blank check + program + verify + trimming).

Trimming Settings Dialog Box in Project Generator

Trimming Settings Dialog Box in Project Generator