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WriteNow! programmer expands the device list by adding Spansion MB9DF126PMC part of the FCR4 Family of 32-bit ARM Core Microcontrollers.

Spansion’s FCR4 cluster family of devices has been designed to offer an innovative, scalable solution for hybrid clusters, which combine traditional meters and graphical displays. With embedded flash (up to 2MB), the FCR4 microcontrollers (MCUs) and system-on-chip (SoCs) can serve as single-chip solutions or operate as companion chips for other devices to build high performance systems for virtual/free programmable clusters. FCR4 devices offer a powerful architecture based on the ARM® Cortex™ R4 core and Spansion’s 2D graphics engine. The products include the required safety and security features, allowing for low power consumption and meeting automotive quality standards.

WriteNow! uses the standard JTAG protocol as programming interface.

Algocraft provides support of Spansion MB9DF126PMC to all of its WriteNow! Series, single and parallel in-system programmers. Four models are available: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device at a time), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel).

Thanks to the optimized WriteNow! architecture, the typical programming time for MB9DF126PMC device (2MB embedded Flash and 64KB E2Flash) is about 36 seconds (program + verify). The complete programming cycle included the chip erase, blank check, program and verify of the whole menmory size is about 50s.

The following picture shows the possible programming steps for this family: