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04/04/2016 — WriteNow! programmer expands the device list by adding many new Renesas devices (+300), part of the RL78 Family of 16-bit CISC architecture Microcontrollers.

RL78 is Renesas Electronics' new-generation microcontroller family combining advanced features from both the 78K and R8C families to deliver low power consumption and high performance.

WriteNow! uses the single-line serial protocol (UART) that uses the TOOL0 pin as programming interface. The maximum baudrate tranfert rate is 1Mbits.

Algocraft provides support of Renesas RL78 family to all of its WriteNow! Series, single and parallel in-system programmers. Four models are available: WN-PRG01A (programs 1 device at a time), WN-PRG02A (programs 2 devices in parallel), WN-PRG04A (programs 4 devices in parallel), and WN-PRG08A (programs 8 devices in parallel). In addition, external demultiplexer modules are available as accessories for multiple-site WriteNow! models, giving the flexibility to program up to 32 devices easily.

Thanks to the optimized WriteNow! architecture, the typical programming time for R5F10PGJ device (256KB Flash and 4KB Data) is about 6 seconds (program + checksum verify). The complete programming cycle includes the chip erase, blank check, program and verify with readout method of the whole memory (Code and Data) size is about 13s.

The following picture shows the possible programming steps for this family: