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Algocraft is proud to announce that the Validation of the programming algorithm TMS570 on our WriteNow! Programmer has been completed successfully by Texas Instruments. The validation report is divided in two parts: the first one is a review of the programming implementation and flow, the second one, instead, regards a comparison of thresholds. (Please, read the validation report hereby attached in which the validation’s process is described). The Texas Instruments family at issue is TMS570LS ARM Cortex-R4 TMS570LC4355 device.

The specific programming algorithm for this family is based on the F021 Flash API Texas Instruments library.

Algocraft WriteNow! Programmer’s Series represents a professional Solution involved, above all, in the automotive field by many important customers. WriteNow! In System Programming solution has been consolidated for more than 5 years and it keeps on being strengthened thanks to many installations on various In Circuit Test machines, representing a competitive advantage compared to other solutions of the worldwide market.

We work daily to ensure and keep on affirming high standard. Why? The continuous improvement, the maintenance of the highest quality and programming standards by adding new devices, by trying to improve our performances, our programming times…are our goal! How? We are able to develop new algorithms upon request by customers enlarging our device list, we are capable to better our performances, we try to beat our programming times continuously, challenging at first ourselves!

TI validation report 01


TI validation report 02