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We distribute Acute Technology and Feasa Enterprises instruments because we believe they complement our in-system programmers. Acute instruments represent a complete, easy-to-use and compact solution for bringing T&M instruments on R&D laboratories and universities, and on production and functional test environments as well. Feasa LED Analyzers provide a practical alternative to visual inspection of LEDs components. Feasa LED Analyzers are patented instruments for measuring the color and intensity of LEDs (including low to super high brightness LEDs) and provide excellent discrimination for all colors, including white.

LED Analyzers


  • Test the LED Full Visible Spectrum
  • Test LED Intensity from Very Dim to the Brightest
  • Unrivalled Repeatability for Color and Intensity Testing
  • Easy to Operate

TravelLogic Series Logic Analyzers


  • 4GHz Logic Analyzers
  • 36 Channels
  • Protocol Analysis (I2C, SPI, JTAG, CAN, LIN, etc.)
  • Data Logging

DS-1000 Series DSOs


  • 200MHz, 2 Channels (up to 6 Channels)
  • 9 bits/CH vertical resolution, 2mV/DIV to 10V/DIV
  • FFT, Math, Save/Recall, Internet Control, etc.
  • Data Logging