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WriteNow! Programmer decreases the flashing times for Microchip PIC24 (MCUs) and dsPIC33 (DSCs) devices up to 80%!!
PIC24 / dsPIC33 family is a 16-bit architecture from Microchip that provides the processing power of a Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and the design simplicity of a microcontroller (MCU).
Along the years, families PIC24 and dsPIC33 have grown with new memory option, safety and performances in order to meet the most different applications’ requirements.
PIC24 devices are designed for general purpose microcontrollers (MCUs) applications with a FLASH memory capacity from 16KB until 1024 KB, whereas dsPIC devices include additionally digital signal processing (DSP) capacity.
Algocraft’s programming Algorithm uses ICSP protocol as defined by Microchip’s specifications; ICSP protocol enables you to execute at a low level mashine’s instructions to a maximum frequency of 5MBits. In addition to this modality, Microchip introduced the “Enhanced ICSP” protocol which uses a faster method that takes advantage of the programming executive. The programming executive provides all the necessary functionality to erase, program and verify the chip through a small command set.
Standard ICSP: 92s
Enhanced ICSP: 18s
Standard ICSP: 55s
Enhanced ICSP: 21s
Standard ICSP: 6s
Enhanced ICSP: 3,5s
Standard ICSP: 11s
Enhanced ICSP: 6s
With the recent update, Algocraft’s algorithm takes advantage of programming in “Enhanced ICSP” in order to drastically reduce the programming times until 80% according to the family. The programming times described were measured considering the programming of the entire memory FLASH, with enabled operations of erase, blank check, program and verify.
The “Enhanced ICSP” protocol uses the same lines of the standard ICSP mode, it is therefore not necessary to modify any external connection. It is enough to update the programming algorithm and enable option “Enhanced_ICSP” from the GUI.
Algocraft’s programming algorithms are constantly updated with the introduction of new features, addition of new devices and integration of optimisations in order to keep a high quality standard that differs us in the market