Algocraft’s engineers were present at ITIS L. Da Vinci in Portogruaro for the inaugural lesson titled “We are in a changing world (with technology),” marking the beginning of the school training program developed in collaboration with the institute.

Today, Dr. Poletto and Dr. De Vescovi, together with Dr. Fiorellini, introduced the new orientation project, which will be followed by several workshops spanning from March to April.

✔ The first lesson was an introduction to various topics including programming of electronic devices, IoT, AI, mobility, and the significance of the automotive sector.

📌The lessons at ITIS will continue with a Workshop on STM32 embedded programming.

✔ Students will work on embedded programming C language of the STM32 architecture from STMicroelectronics. They will have the opportunity to use the STM32 Cube IDE environment with the STM32L4 Evaluation Board Discovery Kit to create practical examples of creating, executing and application debugging.

In Algocraft we believe that as professionals, we have a responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with those who are just starting out.

In ottemperanza agli obblighi previsti dalla legge 124/2017 e dal DL 34/2019

Gli aiuti di Stato e gli aiuti de minimis ricevuti sono contenuti nel Registro nazionale degli aiuti di Stato di cui all’art. 52 della L. 234/2012” e consultabili al seguente link, inserendo come chiave di ricerca nel campo CODICE FISCALE: 01667310930


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