Algocraft supports the Texas Instruments 10-bit DAC539G2

Algocraft supports the Texas Instruments 10-bit DAC539G2

Several silicon producers are introducing analog devices into the market whose functionality can be user-configured. These devices contain a small area of non-volatile memory that is modified during production.

The look-up table values are programmed using I2C or SPI protocol and stored in the NVM. The voltage-to-PWM converter uses a comparator with one input as a programmable sawtooth or triangle waveform and the other input as an external voltage input.

For this reason, the Texas Instruments DAC539G2-Q1 is an excellent choice for fault communication in automotive stop-and-turn lights and similar industrial applications.

Algocraft has recently added support for a specific algorithm for this device on its universal programming platform for a major automotive player. The user only needs to configure the values to be programmed into the non-volatile registers using a simple text file to then program the device.

Algorithm’s characteristics:

Standard I2C protocol based on Texas Instruments
DAC539G2-Q1 technical documentation.

Program and Verify of the EEPROM words (SRAM area): <1s
WriteNow! is ideal for multi-panel boards applications being able to handle up to 32 boards by using only one programming unit.
Algocraft’s staff and their selected worldwide distributor network are ready to analyse and discuss with you your specific programming application.

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