New silicon manufacturer: Yuntu Semiconductor

Algocraft supports Yuntu Semiconductor YTM32 MCUs

Algocraft supports the YTM32 MCUs from Yuntu Semiconductor. Our WriteNow! hardware platform is constantly being developed to support new MCU families.

The ARM Cortex architecture is gaining traction in various Embedded System applications due to its efficiency, versatility and cost-effectiveness. Cortex processors balance performance and power efficiency, making them suitable for a wide range of devices, including microcontrollers, IoT devices, wearables and more.

In this scenario, new Chinese chip manufacturers have emerged, supported by the Chinese government which has invested heavily in research and development in the semiconductor industry.

One of these companies is Jiangsu Yuntu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (“Yuntu Semiconductor”).

Yuntu Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor and integrated circuit design company, primarily focused on automotive grade-chips. It was founded in July 2020 and is headquartered in Wuxi, China.

The wide-ranging application scenarios of Yuntu’s products cover 90% of applications across five major areas of the vehicle.

The implementation was carried out on the Cortex-M0+ based YTM32B1L series, including programming of all non-volatile areas such as Program Flash (PFlash), Data Flash (DFlash), OTP NVR and CUS NVR.

Using WriteNow! parallelism technology, the board, consisting of 8 YTM32B1LE05 devices (128KB PFlash), was programmed with a total cycle time of less than 2.5 seconds.


Algorithm’s characteristics:

SWD protocol based on Yuntu specifications. Full support of PFLASH and DFLASH memory.
YTM32B1LD04 (64KB): E+BC+P+V= ~1,5s
YTM32B1LE05 (128KB): E+BC+P+V= ~2,5s
YTM32B1MD14 (512KB): E+BC+P+V= ~5s
YTM32B1ME05 (1MB): E+BC+P+V= ~10s
YTM32B1HA01 (2MB): E+BC+P+V= ~20s
WriteNow! is ideal for multi-panel boards applications being able to handle up to 32 boards by using only one programming unit.
Algocraft’s staff and their selected worldwide distributor network are ready to analyse and discuss with you your specific programming application.

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